Our Content Producers at the Edinburgh Fringe...final thoughts!

Dabster boss, Richard Melvin and his team guided and supported all three in good practice in all areas of production through shadowing and on the job support. In his own words:

It was great to work with a team of trainee producers from the Highlands and Islands, and it was really rewarding to continue our development partnership with ScreenHI. This summer we really got to see these people improve, learn new skills, develop existing ones and hopefully we armed them with the confidence to head back to their homes choc full of ideas and the ability to make them happen.

Breege was a joy from day one, she really took to her role as guest booker and content assistant brilliantly. She made some great audio packages for our E4 Udderbelly Podcalf and helped the team put together the Amnesty International Secret Comedy Podcast too. Arriving at our daily live show to find Breege with her clipboard in one hand and phone in the other made us all feel relaxed and in safe hands. For me, the her highpoint came when we were struggling for guests towards the end of the fringe and she got up, went out and returned with an interview from David Hasselhof. That’s dedication.

Cameron was truly passionate about learning, he was often the last to leave the office and quite nearly always the first there in the morning. He recorded loads of content for our digital legacy project with The Pleasance, The Edinburgh Fringe’s largest and most successful venue and he contributed countless ideas across all our other endeavours. By the end of the run he was working happily on his own and recording, editing and publishing content and artwork as required by his line manager Al Lorraine. For me, his high point came away from the office when he volunteered to DJ at one of the team’s birthday parties. He nailed it and had the whole club dancing – this was a midnight after a very long day and an early start the next morning – but his commitment never faltered.

Eighteen year old Roisin came to Dabster Productions with a wide eyed innocence and enthusiasm that invigorated all of us. The whole team were reminded of how exciting working in production can be – she seemed to love every minute of it and found her strengths quickly. She took a large collection of amazing photos for E4, Amnesty International and The Pleasance. Her pictures at one point were even featured on The Guardian website. She also helped write scripts, briefs and she expertly looked after the guests for our live shows – she was under-whelemed by celebrities and treated everyone from PAs, PRs and big names guests with equal respect and attention. There’s no doubt, if she applies herself she can go a very long way.

I hope we can continue working with ScreenHI as if these three stunning individuals were anything to go by then our training endeavours are certainly on the right track.