BFI Vision Awards 3 Seek Ambitious Filmmakers

BFI Vision Awards 3 Seek Ambitious Filmmakers

Fri 15 Apr 2016 / Opportunities


The BFI Vision Awards 3 focus on supporting a new generation of diverse, ambitious film producers around the UK to help us deliver on our mission of discovering and developing emerging filmmaking voices, providing funding to build up and strengthen their development slates.

Awards will enable producers to build on their existing relationships with writers and directors, form and strengthen alliances with established producers and partners, and afford them the time needed to find new talent and develop projects with solid production prospects.

The BFI Vision Awards 3 are open to new teams of producers as well as to individual producers operating under their own UK production company, and they are open to producers working in long-form live action, animation and/or documentary.

The deadline for applications is 29th April 2016. 

To find out more visit the BFI website.