Radio goNORTH Rocked The Airwaves And Our Trainees!

Radio goNORTH Rocked The Airwaves And Our Trainees!

Fri 22 Jun 2012 / News


It was an ambitious idea and we think we pulled it off!  Riding on the success of last year's festival podcasting workshops, goNORTH and Dabster Productions got their heads together to devise a much more real experience for aspiring radio producers that would give them context to making radio packages and podcasts.

We came up with running a radio station throughout the festival incorporating all aspects of broadcasting live In the week leading up to goNORTH this year and over the festival week the 12 trainees covered research and recording packages, editing and post production, scripting, presenting and managing talent Read about their experiences here.

We were bowled over by their enthusiasm, commitment and ability, a dream team that did us proud They got so much more out of the opportunity than we all expected – a BBC Radio Scotland 1hr ‘Best Bits’ commission!!  Now that’s a great start to anyone’s radio career and an achievement for their CVs.  It transmitted to the nation earlier this week, there are only a few days left to listen to the show on iplayer As well as this listen to the sessions recorded with bands that showcased this year at goNORTH.

We’d just like to say well done and thank you to all the hard work shown by the trainees and our partners Dabster.

Listen to and look through our Radio goNORTH online archive.  It’s for your entertainment!