XpoNorth Seek Two Trainee Journalists

XpoNorth Seek Two Trainee Journalists

Fri 27 May 2016 / Opportunities


This year XpoNorth teams up with The Skinny team to produce three daily newspapers especially for the XpoNorth festival, and are seeking two trainee journalists to join the team to help produce the fast-paced, high quality content for the dailies.

The trainees will experience working alongside The Skinny journalists, the XpoNorth delivery team, and get articles published in the printed run.

The trainees will be required to attend from Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th June 2016 in the exciting and entertaining festival atmosphere.

Reasonable travel and accommodation support can be considered for those not based in the immediate Inverness locale.

If you are an amateur or student journalist looking for some hands on experience then XpoNorth want to hear from you!

Email info@xponorth.co.uk ASAP with your note of interest and an example of your work by Friday 3rd June 2016.