Sara Nason

Little Green Island Films Sara Nason

The Wee Grey Fergie

1 x 60 min documentary

Wootton Bassett

1 x 30 min, Observational Documentary

I Will Never Be Cut

1 x 30 mins, Observational Documentary
Al Jazeera and The Guardian

Various films for The Guardian Newspaper

DV Camera Operator, Producer/Director, 2004 - 2009


Sara Nason of Little Green Island Films is a former stills photographer turned documentary filmmaker A self-shooting TV director/producer she works best in observational films on strong character based stories.

Sara has worked for all the main terrestrial broadcasters producing shorts to full length feature documentaries.  An ex Channel 4 News director she frequently works for The Guardian on ‘people’ stories, the Arts', Current Affairs and the Environment.  She directed a C5 series for children and is in her element when out in the field employing her eye for visual story telling, working intuitively and connecting closely with her subjects.

Making films about people who inspire change informs all her work.  Known for her professionalism, sensitivity, imagination and creativity she makes artistic films with a journalists attention to detail and content She has worked with many of Britain’s great directors such as Bill Cran and the auteur director Michael Grigsby.

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