Helen Graham

Badenoch & Strathspey
Hand Knitted Films Helen Graham


Margalida Mirando
Abuelo de Mis Hijos
Fishy Business

Say Cheese

1 x 12 min documentary
Cairngorms National Park/Crofting Connections

Daily Bread

1 x 11 mins, short film
Cairngorms National Park/Crofting Connections

The Victorians: How They Influenced Us

1 x 5 min factual documentary
1 x 2 min  factual documentary
BBC Scotland Learning

Fishy Business

1 x 11 min documentary
Cairngorms National Park/Crofting Connections


1 x 6 min documentary
Cairngorms National Park/Crofting Connections

Matanza (The Killing)

1 x 10 min documentary
Slow Food on Film, Italy/Filmhouse, Edinburgh 2004

Abuelo De Mis Hijos (Grandfather of my grandchildren)

1 x 5 min documentary
Super Shorts Film Festival, London/Propellor TV


Helen has been making short films since 2003. The themes are often based around community, family and traditional ways of life. ScreenHI became involved with the annual film festival Helen runs in Kingussie called Food on Film, where we have been involved in facilitating the training of young people in filmmaking and giving them opportunities to screen their work to local audiences and to film industry judges.

She has just completed a series of 3 short films commissioned by the Cairngorms National Park Authority in partnership with Crofting Connections as part of their joint Food For Life project, which have been released on DVD She is also editing Isabel - A Most Determined Woman, which will be shown in Kingussie on 1st June 2014 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Britain's first Living History Museum In 2005 Margalida Mirando was shortlist for the DepicT Award, Brief Encounters Film Festival, Bristol and in 2009 she received Best New Faces and Voices Award in the FilmG competition for Luathadh.

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