Games and Music Collaboration Made At XpoNorth 2016

Games and Music Collaboration Made At XpoNorth 2016

Thu 25 Aug 2016 / News


New collaborations can be made at the XpoNorth festival every year. This year, TeamRock Games have forged a collaboration with one of the showcasing bands, The Broken Ravens, by adding some of their original music to their latest game.

Hamilton based TeamRock Games are the games division of TeamRock, the rock and metal news and media publisher who produce magazines such as Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Prog and Blues Magazine. Their newest game Stage Surfers, is currently available online on Kongregate and is one rock band’s quest for the ultimate stage dive.

Hit the halls of history with the world’s greatest crowd surf. Launch your singer to the skies & help him conquer the crowd for the furthest most fearless, most outrageous rock & roll stunt ever.

It's a fun and addictive game, recently updated with the addition of music from a band TeamRock Games enjoyed live while attending this year's XpoNorth festival in Inverness, The Broken Ravens.

The Broken Ravens are a Highlands and Islands based band described by XpoNorth's music showcase programmer as:

Energetic, engaging, enthralling, solid rock riffage producing a head-banging, toe-tapping fireball of fuzz. seen here rocking up Deeno's at XpoNorth this June.

The Broken Ravens at XpoNorth 2016

Find out more about The Broken Raven at their website, Facebook Page, and don't forget to follow their Twitter; and try and beat this week's stage surfing high score to their music on Stage Surfers FREE on Kongregate.