MGJ Winners Peacock Dreams on Work Placement: GAME RELEASE & RECAP – 25/08/2016

MGJ Winners Peacock Dreams on Work Placement: GAME RELEASE & RECAP – 25/08/2016

Thu 25 Aug 2016


This is the progress blog for team Peacock Dreams as they work on the game "Everything is Peachy" - From the Peacock Dreams original blog post here

It’s unbelievable to think that only 6 weeks ago the game looked like this after the game jam:


and now we’re here, with a game that’s been accepted by steam and available for sale here.



The game has taken a direction which no of us quite anticipated, but we honestly think that it’s the best it could possible be and we’re really proud of it. We’re really happy with everything that’s happened over the past 6 weeks here in Elgin and can’t thank Creative Scotland and Business Gateway along with Hunted Cow and Moray Game Jam enough for making it possible. We’ve learnt an enormous amount about working in the industry, most importantly how valuable having a variety of social and professional skills can be. We’ll definitely  be back next year for Moray Collages game jam and hopefully with everything we’ve learned produce something even better!

As a learning experience it’s been incomparable, not just the time spent working on the game and developing all of our personal skills but also the process of working with hunted cow and building up to an official launch is something we wouldn’t have got anywhere else. We’ve all been pushed personally to expand our own skills from animation and UI design to coding and sound design and while it’s been slightly stressful at times (particularly in the last few weeks) it’s forced us to push ourselves further and get the most out of the experience. While we were originally very nervous about the tight deadline as it seemed very short to release a game in, it really helped us focus on what we wanted to add to the game and get used to working a lot more efficiently which will hopefully be invaluable in the future.

We’re all definitely going to miss Elgin, from our cosy team house to the various new favorite eating spots we’ve picked out during our time here. While it wasn’t the first place that came to all of our minds when we thought about games development it’s been an awesome home to us for time we’ve been here and we will now doubt come back to visit in the future especially when the next Moray Game Jam comes around.

Once Again we can’t thank Creative Scotland and Business Gateway enough for giving us this amazing opportunity. Without it there’s no way we would’ve pushed as hard to make the game what it is now and without the help of Hunted Cows guidance and help we certainly wouldn’t have been able to release the game on steam, something which will be a valuable portfolio piece for all of us hoping to enter the games industry next year. It’s been such an awesome and fun experience and while it’s gone by incredibly quickly we’ve learned so much in such a short time and feel really proud of what we’ve achieved.


Achievement Icons for “Everything is Peachy”