Join the fun at the Moray Game Jam with Public Workshops and Mini-Gaming Playground!

Join the fun at the Moray Game Jam with Public Workshops and Mini-Gaming Playground!

Fri 4 Mar 2016 / Training


Event: Moray Game Jam Workshops and Mini-Gaming Playground
Dates: 19th and 20th March 2016 
Location: Moray Collee UHI, Elgin

The third Moray Game Jam, running from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March 2016, is set to be the biggest yet hosted by Moray College UHI.

This year, the Moray Game Jam will again offer workshops led by industry experts, which are completely FREE and open to the public. The workshops will run all day on Saturday 19th and in the morning of Sunday 20th March.

The workshops will provide hands-on learning opportunities and are led by industry experts such as Alan Emrich of Victory Point Games and Phil Harris, of One Thumb Mobile.

Saturday 19th March

9.30am - 11am Introduction to Digital Sculpting using Sculptris - SIGN UP HERE.

11.15am - 12.15pm Creating 2D Art for Games - SIGN UP HERE.

12.30pm - 1pm The World Around Us - SIGN UP HERE.

1.45pm - 3.45pm Create a Match-3 game in Unity - SIGN UP HERE.

4pm - 5pm Gameplay: Random Events, It’s not Always About a Pie in the Face - SIGN UP HERE.

Sunday 20th March

9.30am - 11am iPhone/iPad App Development for Beginners - SIGN UP HERE.

11.15am - 1.15pm An Introduction to 3D Modelling in Blender - SIGN UP HERE.

Visit the Moray Game Jam website here.

Please note, young people under 12 should be accompanied by an adult.

This year there will be an opportunity to try games created during the Moray Game Jam, a Mini-Gaming Playground will open in the Alexander Graham Bell Centre’s Conference Room, at Moray College UHI on Sunday 20th March, from 1-3pm.

The event re-unites the partnership between Moray College UHI, ScreenHI who deliver XpoNorth Screen & Broadcast – feeding into the main XpoNorth Festival in June in Inverness, Elgin-based games publisher Hunted Cow Studios, and this year joins forces with Business Gateway Moray.

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