What is the relationship between goNorth, ScreenHI, GoEvents and Creative Highland?

Put simply, Creative Highland is the company charged with delivering the Creative Industries Strategy on behalf of Highlands and Islands Enterprise Creative Highland is made up of two individual companies – ScreenHI and GoEvents – both of which look after two separate areas Screen and Broadcast development is delivered by ScreenHI and the Music development by GoEvents goNorth creative industries festival is delivered once a year in June by Creative Highland, which also programmes the Designer Fashion and Publishing elements that run in the festival.

Where do I find information on goNORTH?

goNORTH has a facebook page and a new website under construction, all announcements will be posted to the facebook page and this website until we get the site up and running The festival dates for 2013 are to be announced at the end of November.

When submitting a film for a screening can I send you a link to my film online?

Yes but not a trailer version, you must send a link to the full length film you are submitting.   We only accept DVD copies & website links of your film for viewing at the submission stage If your film is selected for screening you will need to submit a hi res version on hard drive or similar.  Full spec will be provided if your film is selected.

Does ScreenHI fund film projects?

No, we cannot fund productions ScreenHI primarily wants to develop the skills of individuals to progress careers and experience We generally do this by organising internships and placements within industry on specific productions or by working with other developmental agencies When a project demonstrates skills and industry development opportunities to an individual then ScreenHI can consider providing support through in-kind or financial means.

What happens to my film when it reaches ScreenHI after a call for submissions?

The submission form is checked to ensure it’s complete, this is often the first hurdle for entries If not complete then you will be contacted and asked to re-send form Entry will not be filed until complete form is received Your film will then be filed and logged ready for selection You will be informed if your film is chosen for a screening.

How do you decide which films to show?

ScreenHI primarily wants to showcase films made by Highlands and Islands practitioners and filmmakers from the wider Scottish community This is not a black and white rule, your film will initially be selected on a number criteria:  original work, good production values, imaginative storytelling, theme of particular screening programme After that it’s subjective, if we like it, we’ll show it!

A main reason we decline films is because the submission criteria has not been met and full rights clearance are unclear Please, please make sure your paperwork is complete.

What kind of films do ScreenHI show in their various screening programmes?

There is not set rule, sometimes programmes are thematic but generally we want to showcase the talent we have right here in Scotland, in particular the Highlands and Islands.

Can my submission DVD be returned after the event?

I’m afraid not We get a lot of submissions and it would become unmanageable We also believe that the production of DVD copies these days is much simpler with computer accessibility more common.  Please be sure to send us a copy and not your master version.  If your film is selected for screening and you provide a hi res copy on a pen drive or similar we can make special arrangements to return this but only on prior agreement with ScreenHI.

How do I book the ScreenHI camera kit, and how much is it?

We don’t hire out the camera as a formal facility, we judge each application on a case by case basis You should fill out our application form and send back to us, full details of how to do this can be found here There are two ways to gain access to our kit, one way involves a monetary charge and the other doesn't, however both have very specific terms of engagement.  Full details can be found on our Camera Hire page.  Once your application has been considered and availability checked you will be contacted to finalise booking and terms Please ensure the form is complete before sending and allow 3 weeks for processing.

How do I update my Practitioner Profile page?

It’s dead simple, email info@screenhi.co.uk clearly detailing what you want updated and we’ll do it It might not be done immediately but we will endeavour to process as quickly as possible.  Please ONLY send updates that are related to keeping information current on your profile.  ScreenHI reserves the right to omit or edit any material submitted to fit the style and tone of the website.

I don’t understand how to use some of the downloadable templates in the How to Run a Production and am having problems downloading them

We’re sorry that you are having problems Drop us an email at info@screenhi.co.uk and we will answer any questions you might have and can send you the templates as an email attachment.