goSURF Podcasting Workshop

O'Neill Surf Competition, Thurso 2011

In collaboration with Wave North Festival, Thurso, ScreenHI ran a 2 day podcasting workshop at the inaugural fringe festival, Wave North, that ran in April 2011 alongside the O'Neill Cold Water Classic Surf Competition ScreenHI was delighted to work with the local community by running the workshop as well as a screening programme for Wave North or as we affectionately called it, goSURF Our partners goEvents put on a music showcasing line up giving yet another dimension to the first outing for Wave North.

James Mackenzie and the Aquascene

The podcasting workshop saw 4 local radio enthusiasts of varying abilities get stuck in and make a range of podcasts centred around what was happening at the festival and the O'Neill surf competition Rich Bradley, Bob Johnson, Veronica Finlayson and Louise Hunt all grabbed the podcasting bull by the horns and came up with some fun ideas and took them through from research and scripting to interviewing, recording and editing into finished pieces ScreenHI partners, Dabster Productions led the workshop.

goSURF podcasting workshop 2011

More info can be found at Caithness Horizons Wave North Facebook page.

Listen to the final podcasts below.