Why Do I Need To Recce?

A recce is an essential part of the preparation and research processes to meet potential contributors, assess locations and research stories Carry out as many recces as your budget and time will allow as this will arm you with information that you can use to plan your script and filming schedule You should make sure risk assessments are carried out for recce's bearing in mind that often its one person going out on their own and the hazards of driving distances and sole working come into play.

Start by writing a check list as you are preparing, well before you go anywhere, of what information you want to get from this recce Here's a quickfire list to get you started:

  1. Is location quiet enough for talking heads interview?
  2. Is there a power source for charging batteries, setting up lighting and what voltage?
  3. What is the access for vehicles and kit?
  4. Do I need to take a camera with me to test contributors on screen?
  5. What are the health & saftey considerations?

Download a detailed location checklist template