Who Needs Research?

Before and once into production researching your story, be it for drama, documentary or entertainment, is obviously necessary in order to write the script It’s vitally important you are in charge of all the facts and they are accurate You will completely lose the confidence of the audience with mistakes and sloppy research.

like Research is best done talking to the experts, pick up the phone first and back up with an email!

There is no particular format to follow for this, but your research should be clear, have all your contact details for people you are talking to, dates of conversations, references to books read and archive material watched You need to look at it as a comprehensive reference tool If for any reason someone else needs to take over your research or once you are in the edit or even years after the production you need to verify a fact then you have a paper trail.

And equally as important is being able to go back and re-use those contacts and reference sources in the future!