How to Run a Production

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As you will appreciate, the key to organising anything is in the planning!  It's especially crucial where budgets are limited, if indeed there is a budget at all.   Planning ensures you get the most out of the resources you have available to you and achieve a smooth production run no matter how small or large your project is.

In this section we have a breakdown of the key elements of going into production once you have a green light for an idea It’s a guide through how these elements link up and their purpose Downloadable templates are available for you to use and make your own.

While this is a guide for you to use and refer to for any of your independent productions, for any ScreenHI commissioned project this is what we would like to see from you in the planning and filming stages and are part of the overall deliverables It helps you and us sort out thoughts/plans and highlights any possible issues that might arise.