Risk Assessment

A document which must accompany any filming and recce schedule.  This makes sure that the person responsible when on location has considered the safety of everyone involved in the filming from the contributor, the crew to the general public.  Think through the filming day and consider what the potential hazards are, what injury could result from this hazard and how the risk can be reduced or avoided.  Be practical and realistic, the majority of injuries tend to come from trip hazards and manual handling kind of activities.

This document should be signed by the person responsible on location and circulated to everyone who will be on location BEFORE filming starts. This signed risk assessment should be with you at all times while filming If any plans change on the day then the risk assessment can be updated after a thorough evaluation of the changes have been undertaken and notated It sounds a bit official however if there is an accident and you are in court then this kind of documentation and proceedure is what they will be looking at Moreover you have a moral obligation to ensure the safety of everyone you are working with.

  Download a template Risk Assessment (DOC 52KB)