A Script


This is your end to end story broken down into the actual sync (on screen speech), voiceover and sequences you want to film.  This is incredibly useful on so many levels and key to any programme making.  You use this for getting the structure/story right before filming, helps you plan your filming schedule, when on location you can use the script to keep notes of any changes and timecodes of where material is on the tape, and in the edit it is your blue print for constructing your film.

Be prepared to write many drafts of your script, and make sure that you keep the old drafts as a reference in case you need them Re-save your document each time you attempt a new draft In any story development you have a starting point where you flesh out an idea and see how it will play out on screen Then through researching and honing your story you will find that it is not the same as the initial idea - it will be much better!

Download Template (PDF 100KB)